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Cubit Estimating Cloud: Anywhere, Anytime Estimating

Work anytime, anywhere with a fully managed cloud hosted solution that will transform your business. In the ever-evolving landscape of construction management, staying ahead means embracing innovation and technology. We’ve been committed to developing construc.....

David Cartwright

The benefits of Software Subscriptions

Estimating Software VS Spreadsheets - Which should you choose?

The benefits of cloud hosted estimating software

Cubit Estimating Cloud: Anywhere, Anytime Estimating

Cubit Select Update: Delivering New Improvements and Enhancements

Cubit Estimating Release: Delivering a range of improvements to enhance your work

Cubit Estimating Release: Now supporting multiple user collaboration

Cubit Estimating Update: 10.1.2 now available

Cubit Select Update: Enhancing your document management and supplier invitations

New benefits now available to help your company at tax time

Cubit Select Update: Introducing Invitations and Document Management

Cubit Estimating Update: 10.1.1 now available

Cubit Estimating Release: Increasing your efficiency and productivity.

MudShark Update: version now available

Cubit Update: version 10.0.10 now available

Cubit Select 1.6: A new tool to work with tender variations

Cubit Update: version 10.0.9 now available

How tax time benefits can help your business in 2020

MudShark Update: version 8.0.13 now available

Virtual Training: The benefits of learning to use your software from home

Embracing change to deliver a range of new virtual training courses

Cubit 10: Clearer plans with Optimised Layer Rendering

Cubit 10: Introducing BIM Change Management

Cubit 10: A new way to manage Job Revisions

Working Remotely: Tips for Estimators

Cubit 10: Delivering you an Enhanced Estimating Experience

Cubit 10: The latest advancement in estimating is here.

Staff Spotlight: Danny Beaton

Delivering Excellence in Construction Software Solutions

Cubit Select 1.5: Improvements to offer you greater insights

Commercial Construction: Trends to Adopt Before 2021

Increased Project Complexity Demands for Construction Software

MudShark 8 Release

Sustainable Solutions: Building with Bamboo

Automated Building Solutions to Help Cut Costs

10 Common Contractor Mistakes: How You Can Avoid Them

Construction Sites Powered by AI: What are the Benefits?

Sustainable Construction: Techniques & Trends

A Contractors Guide to Winning More Work

7 Reasons Manual Estimating is Hurting your Quality of Work

10 Statistics Defining the Australian Construction Industry in 2019

Increased Australian Tourism Allowing for Hotel and Development Opportunities

Cubit Update: version 9.1.7 now available

Construction by The Numbers: Data Drives Success

The Materials Revolutionising the Construction Industry

10 Simple Ways to Improve Safety on Site

Bio-concrete: Is This The Future Of Construction?

New Mixed-Reality Wearable Device Enables Workers to View Holographic Information On-Site

It’s Never Too Late To Improve Project Productivity

Cubit Update: version 9.1.6 now available

Embrace Growth While Maintaining Company Quality

Robots Are Now 3D Printing Houses In 48 Hours

Cubit Select Update - version 1.4.1

Construction Needs Collaboration, Here's Why?

Sustainable Construction: What It Looks Like In 2019

Digital First: From the Office to the Field

MudShark Update: version 7.1 now available

Cubit Update: version 9.1.4 now available

Cubit Select 1.4: Giving you greater insights and control

5 Things to consider when evaluating estimating software

How the Tax Man can benefit your business

Buildsoft and MiTek: working together to make construction easier

Cubit 9.1  Offering greater flexibility and new solutions to face your challenges.

Buildsoft to showcase at DesignBUILD in Sydney

Cubit Select Update - version 1.3.3

Partnership Announcement: Buildsoft Partners with AIQS

Cubit Select Roundup #1

MudShark 7 has arrived

Product Update: Cubit 9.0.3

Start the year off with your best foot forward, with Buildsoft.

How to Win Construction Leads on Social Media

Green Building Techniques and Materials

9 New Construction Materials to Explore in 2019

5 Examples of Automation in Construction

Cubit Select 1.3: Enhancing your control

What to Include in a Construction Company Business Plan

5 Commercial Building Trends to Watch Next Year

The Latest Technology in Construction Safety

Cubit 9: A new era in estimating and takeoff

5 Smart Ways to Get Construction Leads

Sustainable Construction: Techniques and Trends

Advertising vs Marketing for Builders

How to Start a Building Company in Australia

Construction Technology Trends Shaping Our Skylines

10 Statistics Defining the Australian Construction Industry

Simple Checklist for Building a New House

5 Positive Impacts of Construction Technology

10 Affordable Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

Cubit Select 1.2 Enhancements

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Change Orders and Reduce Costs

Improve Your Relationship with Architects (and Win More Work)

Social Media Marketing for Builders: Tips and Tricks

Product Update: Cubit 8.2.3

5 Technologies to Improve Site Safety and OHS

Simple and Affordable Lead Generation Tactics for Builders

How to Build Your Reputation as a Great Construction Business

7 Cash Flow Strategies for Construction Companies

Cubit 8.2: A new level of customisation and transparency in estimating

5 Psychology Tips to Negotiate With Suppliers

Cubit Select 1.1: Enhancing usability for an even greater experience

Mid Year Update: From our CEO

10 Growth Hacks for Construction Companies

Moving to Cubit Select? Here's what you need to consider.

Cubit Select: The One Job Revolution

How to Implement New Construction Software into Your Business

Cubit 8.1: Giving you greater control over your estimating

The Technology Innovations Boosting Job Site Safety

Australian Construction Sector: Set to Soar in Years Ahead?

Join us at DesignBUILD in Melbourne, and discover our newest technologies

10 Xero Tips for Construction Contractors

Living Green Walls are Causing Serious Structural Issues

5 Common Marketing Mistakes Builders Make

Self-Healing Asphalt and the Future of Smart Roadways

OHS and Mental Health: Is Your Business Doing Enough?

10 Commercial Building Trends Changing Construction

Microsoft Excel vs Construction Estimating Software

How Tradies Can Use Houzz to Win More Work

Product Update: Cubit 8.0.9

What Exactly is a Passive House?

Report: Construction Estimators in Huge Demand

Can Owner Builders Benefit from Estimating Software?

Is Australia Suffering from a Shoddy Work Epidemic?

4 Templates Builders Can Use to Save Time

Product Update: Cubit 8.0.6

5 Unique Materials to Use in Your Next Build

The Australian Property Market: What Can Builders Expect in 2018?

Australian Builders, Know Your Rights This Summer

How to Write a Building Quote (That Doesn't Frustrate Clients)

Cubit 8: Powerful, Efficient, Versatile.

Construction Equipment Financing: What Are Your Options?

The Construction Company's Guide to Better Customer Service

5 Content Marketing Basics for Construction Businesses

What Makes Good Marketing for Construction Companies?

A Sample Tender Cover Letter

10 Construction Industry Predictions for 2018

Innovation in the Construction Industry: What's Next?

How to Find the Best Construction Software for Your Business

A Sample Marketing Plan for Your Construction Company

5 Data Security Strategies for Construction Companies

3 Construction Accounting Software Options for Your Business

Top 10 Challenges Facing Small Construction Companies

Product Update: Cubit 7.2.1

Why Are Builders Using Estimating Software?

5 Benefits of Construction Estimating Software

5 Best Construction Softwares for Small Businesses

Cubit 7.2: Faster and more efficient than ever

Construction Software: Pros and Cons for Small Builders

Tender Tips: How to Research Your Buyer

Building Compliance: What Standards Are Right For You?

What Does a 'Safety Culture' Actually Look Like?

Introducing the next generation subcontractor comparison solution: Cubit Select

3 Ways Builders Can Improve Their Marketing Today

Make a new financial year resolution:   improve your accounting and your estimating.

Tender Tips: 5 Quick Ways to Write a Better Bid

Construction Technology: Is Your Business Lagging Behind?

Product Update: Cubit 7.1.3

Australia's Top 20 Growth Areas of Construction

Is the Request for Tender Worth Your Time?

How Builders Can Use Google to Win More Work

How the small business tax write-off can help improve your estimating and grow your business.

5 Construction Innovations to Watch in 2018

Estimating Software for Builders: 5 Things to Consider

Tender Checklist for Builders

Tips to keep yourself protected from cyberattack

Does the largest cyberattack in history affect your business?

5 Blogging Tips for Building & Construction Businesses

What Does The Internet of Things Mean for Construction?

Product Update: Cubit 7.1

Construction 2020: Your Job Site Reimagined

20 Tips To Win Your Next Tender

5 Ways Builders Can Be More Eco Friendly

4 Building Technologies to Win You Work

Product Update: Cubit 7 now released

Top 7 Software for Builders

6 Technology Statistics Construction Professionals Should Know

10 Steps to Building Eco-Friendly

10 Ways to Win Better Tenders

5 Signs You Need Estimating Software

5 Construction Trends Impacting the Industry in 2017

6 Simple Ways to Improve Safety On-Site

How to Win More Business With Client Testimonials

Top 10 Building Blogs for Construction Professionals

6 Essentials to Staying in Standard

Augmented Reality Technology in Building and Construction

Eco-Friendly: The Green Roof Guide

The 10 Most Sophisticated Construction Robots

What Sustainable Construction Will Look Like in 2017

Product Update: Cubit 6.1.9

Does My Building Business Need Compliance Certification?

Australian Construction Snapshot: Where Will You Work in 2017?

Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and How to Use Them

The Management Habits of Master Builders

5 Affordable Tools for Better Project Management

Estimating Software: Worth the Cost?

China’s 3D Printed Apartments

Will Metal 3D Printing Change Construction Forever?

Technology That Monitors Tradie Fatigue

Using Drones for Site Inspections

What Does Australia’s Ageing Workforce Mean for Construction?

7 Common Mistakes Hurting Your Project Tenders

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How the Tax Man can benefit your business

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to get all your financial ...

How to Win Construction Leads on Social Media

Attracting customers to your construction business is a continuous pro...

Product Updates

Cubit Select Update: Delivering New Improvements and Enhancements

March 2024 We’ve been working hard to implement some new improvements ...

Cubit Estimating Release: Delivering a range of improvements to enhance your work

Following the release of our highly anticipated collaboration features...

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