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The next generation Subcontractor Comparison Solution

Cubit Select is an innovative, online platform designed to compare suppliers and contractors easier than ever before.

Quick to learn and easy to use, Cubit Select offers you the ability to input suppliers, add multiple quotes from your subbies, compare prices, and select one or multiple suppliers for your jobs.


Are you a current SCP user and have questions about migrating to Cubit Select?


To optimise your use of Cubit Select you'll require the most up to date version of Cubit Estimating Professional

Prepare to transform your business with a reliable system that is faster, easier and better than ever

Crush your deadlines

Reduce your stress with a software tool designed to make your life easier.

Cubit Select is here to make your work easier. Quick to learn and simple to use, Cubit Select gives you the flexibility to work the way you want, with the ability to update, send and receive data from your comparison at any stage throughout your estimating process.

There’s no need to duplicate a job or wait until your entire estimate is built. You can get in and start comparing costs straight away, and continue to update your estimate as you go.

Reduce the pressure when it comes down to the wire and make deadline stress a thing of the past. Multi-user functionality gives you the ability to have multiple team members working at once, enabling you to get the job done faster, so you never need to miss a tender deadline again.

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The flexibility to work anywhere, anytime

Work how and when you want, with the benefits of being on the cloud.

Cubit Select empowers you to transform the way you work, delivering a reliable online platform with the flexibility to be used anywhere, anytime.

Simple to use, Cubit Select offers you an accessible, collaborative system with unique functionality that gives you the best solution to move your business forward.

As a cloud solution, our automatic updates give you the confidence of knowing you’re always working with the latest versions and most up to date features in our software.

Cubit Select also manages daily data backups for you, saving you from manually setting up any recurring backup processes, and protecting your data from your network going down.

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Cubit Select_Logo_Blue

Seamless integration with Cubit Estimating

Greater control with flexibility to update your data in real time, at any point throughout your process.

Cubit Select revolutionises the way you work. Featuring seamless integration with your estimate in Cubit estimate, your work will be more accurate and efficient than ever before.

Send your Trade Packages from Cubit Estimating, compare quotes and pick your suppliers, then see those new rates in your estimate.

Work the way you want with the power of immediate integration, so you can receive and send data from your comparison at any stage throughout your estimating process.

Whether you’ve added a new Trade Package, added a new Item to an existing one, or just changed a quantity, you can send your updated estimate to Cubit Select whenever you need to. The integration works both ways, so you can update the rates in your estimate after comparing suppliers for a single Item or wait until you’ve compared your entire job.

Cubit Select gives you the control you need and the flexibility you want.

Send and receive data as often as you like over the life of your project, so you can save time and have the confidence that your job is always accurate and up to date.

Enhanced quote management

Improve your workflows with all your data available at your fingertips.

Cubit Select gives you the power to manage your workflows with more efficiency than ever before.

Create your Trade Packages in Cubit Estimating and send them to Cubit Select to start your comparison process. It’s quick and easy to add quotes from suppliers and subcontractors.

Detailed itemised comparison gives you the ability to assign costs to individual items in your quote, or you can add lump sum costs for a complete Trade Package. There’s no limit to the number of quotes you can add to your comparison, so you can collate all of your cost data from multiple sources in one place.

Having all of your data stored in one, easy-to-manage platform allows you to quickly access all the information you need, where you want it. Multiple view options allow you to compare and review your quotes easily, and gives you access to the detailed information you need to make the right decisions.

Data analysis

Gain better insights into your quotes for detailed comparison and analysis.

Delivering fast data insights, Cubit Select gives you easy access to the detailed information you need.

Clear visual overviews allow you to review multiple quotes at once so you can see how they compare.

Analyse your quotes over an entire trade package, or against a single item or heading in your estimate. With your data collated in a single view, your risk review process has never been simpler. Use plugs to mark an item as a temporary rate, or insert a rate from another supplier or your own estimate.

Make your data work for you, with greater control. If you’ve been given a lump sum for a subcontractor or supplier, you can use pro rata to estimate various specific item costs, based on another supplier’s quote or your own estimate. With tools like average cost and cheapest cost, you’ll be able to maximise your opportunities and see where you can save and make more money.

With more data at your fingertips, Cubit Select puts you in a better position to pick the right price and find the right suppliers; so you can win more of the right jobs.

Reporting with ease

Deliver the information you need to make the right decisions.

Cubit Select makes reporting a breeze. Detailed, meaningful reports are just a few clicks away. Easily generate a Manual Adjustment Summary, Trade Package Overview or Trade Summary Report, so you can formally review and present your data.

Track your decision making process with extensive note taking functionality that enhances your communication and takes your team collaboration to the next level.

Multiple users can add notes to a trade package or add comments to cells and have them carried across your entire comparison, allowing for transparent and accountable decision making for team members and management teams.

Cubit Select is an efficient tool to use in your management reviews. With all your data clearly laid out in a single view, you can compare quotes and discuss picked suppliers with ease, and immediately action any outcomes.

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What others have to say about Cubit Select


Cubit Select is useful and straightforward. It is pictorially simplistic yet shows all the crucial data. Multiple options make reviewing at a high level or drilling into detail incredibly simple. Using Cubit Select and Cubit Estimating will become our standard method for reviewing estimates.


Lee Lambert

Alder Constructions


Cubit Select is a great leap forward. Having used the Global SCP for many years, Cubit Select is an exciting and refreshing change and easy to navigate. The integration of Cubit Estimating to Cubit Select is an easy and quick process, it’s easy to follow, understand and review the updated information.


Chris Burgess

North Construction & Building

Cubit Select_Logo_Blue

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