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Simple, straight forward pricing.

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Cubit Select

The next generation

Subcontractor Comparison Solution

Per User / Month (Billed Monthly)
Savings equal to 2 months of fees!

$99+gst AUD

Per User / Month (Billed Annually)
Savings equal to 2 months of fees!

$82.50+gst AUD

  • Crush your deadlines! Reduce your stress with a software tool designed to make your life easier
  • The flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, with the benefits of being on the cloud
  • Update your data in real-time, at any point throughout your process with seamless Cubit Estimating integration
  • Improve your workflows with all your data available at your fingertips
  • Gain better insights into your quotes for detailed comparison and analysis
  • Deliver the information you need to make the right decisions with detailed, meaningful reports

*Cubit Select works in conjunction with Australia’s leading estimating software Cubit Estimating.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Do I need an internet connection to use Cubit Select?

Yes. Cubit Select is an online solution hosted on the cloud. You’ll need an internet connection in order to log in and use Cubit Select.

Are there any prerequisites to using Cubit Select?

Yes. Cubit Select integrates with our Natural Estimating solution, Cubit Estimating.

To use Cubit Select, you’ll need to be successfully using Cubit Estimating Pro. You’ll also need to have current Software Assurance cover on your Cubit Estimating licence or a valid Cubit Estimating Subscription, to make sure your software is always up to date and the integration betweenCubit Select and Cubit Estimating is working at its best for you.

We also recommend using Google Chrome as your Internet browser for optimal use.

If you're interested inCubit Select but not currently successfully working with Cubit Estimating Pro, we can work with you to get you set up and trained with the knowledge and skills you'll need.

Do I need to install Cubit Select?

No. One of the benefits of Cubit Select being an online solution is that you won’t need to install it onto your computer. You also won’t ever need to install updates; we update Cubit Select behind the scenes, so you’ll always enjoy the most up to date version of the software.

How does the licencing/subscriptions work?

Access to Cubit Select is on a subscription basis, billed monthly or annually.

For more information please call us and chat to one of our Product Consultants.

Is there a minimum contract term for a Cubit Select subscription?

Yes. A Cubit Select subscription has a minimum 12-month term. Longer terms are available through discussion with Buildsoft.

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