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David Cartwright

Construction - 5 min read

Increased Project Complexity Demands for Construction Software

David Cartwright

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Dec 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Construction activity is on the rise throughout Australia. Clients are not only demanding more structures, but they also desire complex buildings that leverage the latest technologies. And as construction projects become more complex, contractors are faced with the challenge of increasing efficiency while minimising costs.

Technology provides an excellent opportunity for your business to tackle more work and improve profits. With construction management software, you’ll have the tools necessary to coordinate workflows across large teams, share data in real time, and automate tasks.   


Challenges of working on complex projects

The construction industry is becoming increasingly fragmented. This is because multiple teams need to collaborate when completing large projects or sophisticated designs. Whether you’re working on a multi-story building or a municipal bridge, you’ll be faced with the challenge of coordinating different teams towards a common goal.

Contractors often need to manage third party vendors, subcontractors, and clients (to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly). And because workers from multiple sources are often unfamiliar with each other, the primary challenge is to reduce potential confusion or conflict during the course of your project.

Contractors are also faced with the challenge of handling more data. For example, you may need to develop multiple plans for different phases of your project, or prepare a budget that ensures you don’t underestimate costs. This complexity of such workflows means that you can’t rely on manual processes to get things done. If your subcontractors aren’t on the same page, they may complete the wrong tasks and cause project delays. Furthermore, suppliers who aren’t made aware of quality and quantity expectations may deliver the wrong materials for your project.

This is why contractors need to leverage advanced technologies when tackling complex projects. Software that uses digital plans, budgets, and contracts will help many different teams to access the information they need in real time. Cloud-based platforms also make it easier for your company to coordinate workflows while remaining on track with the overall project timeline.


How construction software can help in the completion of complex projects

If you’re planning to bid for larger projects in the future, you should consider implementing construction management software now. These tools enable you to enhance collaboration and automation- two pillars that help drive project success. Furthermore, innovative solutions such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) and 3D designs make planning much easier to accomplish. Some of the benefits of using technology for complex projects include:


Cutting costs

Most importantly, construction software allows you to cut down the cost of large and complex projects. Builders who are able to plan better, collaborate, manage risks, and automate processes will find that they can save costs when completing complex projects.


Enhancing collaboration

Collaboration can be the difference between a high-quality project and a mediocre one. This is because you’ll need the expertise of many different teams to complete your designs under budget and on time. From interior design professionals to foundation diggers, each team relies on your project data to perform their specific functions.

Construction software makes it possible to enhance your collaboration. Not only can you leverage project management tools via the cloud, but you can also upload and share information in real time. When the plumbing crew is aware of interior design preferences, they can install the necessary infrastructure in a manner that coordinates your final building. Such collaboration reduces costs and potential conflict on any construction site.


Leveraging automated tools

Automation is another significant benefit of construction software. Specialised systems can automatically generate budget templates, convert paper plans into interactive 3D models, and identify project risks. In this way, you’ll have an easier time planning and identifying issues before they hinder the progress of your project.


Enhancing mobility

For you to carry out a complex project successfully, you’ll need mobile tools that are less restrictive for your teams. Whether workers are using tablets to measure variables on site or wearables to transmit their locations in real time, mobility will enhance productivity at any given time. Furthermore, essential tasks such as editing digital designs or sharing files can be done from mobile locations. Such flexibility frees up your teams to work in the most productive manner possible while meeting project goals.  

Embracing digital solutions like estimating software offers the opportunity for your company to not only cut costs but improve accuracy. In this way, you’re able to tackle complex projects with the confidence that your clients deserve. Regain your time with Cubit, the natural estimator that seamlessly combines estimating and takeoff. Start your 14-day trial today!


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