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Work the way you think

Estimating and takeoff; one seamless process.

Cubit is a specialised estimating system with flexible functionality that allows you to estimate the way you want.

It’s the only application that seamlessly integrates takeoff with estimating for an all-in-one solution we like to call Natural Estimating.

It’s all laid out in one view, meaning the information is where you want it, when you need it. This makes it up to three times faster than other software packages.

Minimise errors and second-guessing

Pinpoint accurate takeoff with a view from any angle.

By tracing directly over your imported plans, simple or complex quantity takeoffs are performed quickly and accurately.

See elements of your takeoff from any angle in 3D, and use this as a cross-referencing tool to make sure you don’t miss taking off any items, or to check all your openings.

Perform quantity takeoffs from PDF, CAD (DWG, DXF), BIM (DWFx), and image files.

Have flexibility and control over your estimates

See real-time updates when referring to the value of another cell.

Reference just about any cell, a range of cells, or a row in your estimate. You can even reference another job or price list! There's so many ways you can use referencing to your advantage. For example, you can use the TSUM function to calculate trade totals and multiply it by a percentage. It's so intuitive it even allows you to drag and drop items from any assigned job or price list from the Referencing pane into your estimate.


Create and update your estimates more efficiently

Use template price lists and jobs as the source for new estimates.

Collect pricing information and save them as template price lists (or even import supplier price lists) to control how your company prices jobs, ensuring accuracy and maximising profitability.

Go even further by creating template jobs that collate all your common trades and items, making it easier to start your next estimate, time and time again.

Any updates you make to your template price lists and jobs can be pushed into existing estimates so you’re working with the most up to date information.

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Have greater control, insights and analysis

Group similar information together to increase visibility over jobs.

Code your estimate in a way that allows you to sort data into different formats, giving you the ability to quickly analyse or breakdown a job by cost code or material.

For example, if your client asked you the volume of concrete on a particular level of a multistorey apartment block, this information can be achieved by coding the estimate by material.

This handy feature allows you split the job across different stages and budgets, and export more detailed estimates into other workflows, like our Subcontractor Comparison Program, Microsoft Excel, and other third-party applications.

Easily manage changes across your job

Have greater control over the revision process.

Easily keep track of changes with a Job Revision workflow, enabling you to handle changes within a Job, whether they are as a result of a Plan Change, Revision to a BIM file, or changes to your estimate data.

After reviewing the changes you’ll be able to choose to finalise all the changes to update your estimate, or revert back to the original state of your Job.

This process offers you a better understanding of what stage your estimate is at within your overall process, so you can handle changes with confidence, control, and ease.

Customisable reports at the click of a button

Have the power to build various professional reports for you or your clients.

Within Cubit, you have the ability to generate and print a range of professional reports including trade, markup, rate, takeoff, and Bills of Quantities (Pro only).

Customisable reporting allows you to quickly hide and show various items, making it easy to share different elements of your estimate with a range of people.

All reports can be exported in a range of common formats.


Take control of your estimating process

Save Time


Pinpoint Accuracy


Proven Roi


Fanatical Support




All Features

Compare Cubit's features to find the perfect solution for you and your business.

Integrated Estimating      
Calculation Sheets      
Rate Sheets      
Price Lists      
Job Manager      
Cost Management      
Reference External Jobs & Price Lists      
Constants Library      
Job / Price Update      
Code Grouping Column    x1 Qty | 1x Rate  x20
Multiple estimate configurations      
Rel column      
Job Merge (Multi-user solution)      
Job Options Management      
Subcontractor Comparison Program*
*used in conjunction with Global
On Screen Takeoff      
Import PDF, CAD, BIM, Image files      
3D Visualisation      
Job Revisions      
Detailed Opening Takeoff      
Variations Management      
Shape Colour Modes      
Microsoft Excel      
Global / Offsider      
Cordell Direct      
Standard reports      
Parametic / customisable reporting      
Custom Report Builder      
Bill of Quantities      
BIM Reader Integration*
*A free, separate program that reads certain BIM files within Cubit
   Basic  Advanced
BIM Takeoff Module
*An add-on module to takeoff quantities direct from your BIM to your estimate. Available at an additional cost.

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