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Construction - 6 min read

Commercial Construction: Trends to Adopt Before 2021

Jason Hook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Dec 23, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Every year, new trends and technologies emerge that have the potential to change the way we do business. And the faster companies can adopt these trends, the more likely they are to reap associated benefits. The commercial construction sector is undergoing significant changes due to technology. From cloud collaboration in project design to prefabricated buildings, emergent trends are providing opportunities for contractors to cut costs, attract more customers, and tackle complex projects.

Keeping up with these trends is also an excellent long-term strategy for sustaining commercial projects. As the global construction industry faces labour shortages and rising demand for work, taking advantage of emergent trends will be the most promising path for commercial contractors to generate revenue.

Here are some key trends that your business should adopt before 2021.


Estimating software

If your commercial construction business isn’t using estimating software, then you’re lagging behind in completing projects. Estimating tools can be used to prepare budgets faster, identify errors, and cut costs. Furthermore, such software is interactive and easy to use for many different applications.


Leveraging big data for risk management

Risk management is a critical step in commercial construction. By knowing the types of risk you face (and how to mitigate them), you can tackle more projects without tying up too many resources. Analytics has made risk management easier and more effective.

By using algorithms to analyse large amounts of construction data, you can uncover patterns that apply to your risk environment. For example, previous projects may reveal how weather, market, and material trends fluctuate. You can then use these insights to mitigate risk and offset potential losses. Construction software comes with analytical tools that you can leverage for data analysis and risk planning.   


Cloud collaboration

Commercial construction work is highly dependent on collaboration. The cloud makes such collaboration easier by providing tools that different teams may access when needed. For example, subcontractors working on foundation building can use the same platform as interior designers who are doing floor plans.

This collaboration allows commercial builders to reduce costs, project timelines, and conflict. The cloud has also become secure and responsive, meaning that you can share large amounts of data without compromising on security.  


AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will continue to shape commercial construction in the near future. AR tools can project digital information onto a user’s view, making the planning process for commercial buildings much easier. Workers are now using smart hats to project building plans onto the construction site even before a single stone is cast. Details of the structure can be planned in advance, and last-minute errors are minimised. Digital designs can also be shared with clients to ensure that they like what they see before work begins.  


Prefabricated buildings

By 2021, commercial builders should be aware of the benefits that prefabrication provides. Prefab structures are typically designed offsite and in a controlled environment. When the structure is ready, it can be transported and installed within a short period. There are many reasons why prefabrication is on the rise. It allows builders to save on costs, design energy efficient structures, and reduce lead times.

Prefab buildings can also be thoroughly inspected for quality before on-site delivery. Moving forward, you may consider including prefabricated construction to your product catalogue.   



Robotics has infiltrated the construction industry in recent years. More and more companies are using autonomous machines to dig foundations, transport materials on site, and identify risk factors. For example, construction vehicles such as excavators and cranes can be equipped with software packages to make them operate with minimal human supervision. The software includes location tracking, signal transmission, and automated movements to increase productivity on the construction site. Robotics can also be used to analyse data and uncover valuable insights for your current/future projects.    

You will find that estimating software is becoming increasingly sophisticated, as new updates are packed with tools that commercial builders can leverage to boost productivity and efficiency.


Hiring top talent

As technology continues to define the commercial construction sector, talented workers will be needed to operate these innovative machines. In fact, recruiting the best workers will help you get the best results from estimating software, robotics, and data analytics.

The key to optimising human labour is identifying redundant work, plugging in the gaps left behind by machines, and clearly defining the roles of each employee. By getting both humans and machines to work together, you can reap benefits from both sides and increase productivity.  

Stay ahead of the game by embracing these construction trends to improve your projects, increase productivity and attract more work. Digital estimating software will transform the way you work. Save time and cut costs by making the transition to Cubit, experience the benefits with a free trial today.     


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