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5 Things to consider when evaluating estimating software

A key element of any successful construction business is accurate estimating, allowing you to anticipate all of your costs and ensure profitability. The problem is that estimating is time consuming and often labour intensive, where errors can add up and have a.....

Construction - 5 min read

Commercial Construction: Trends to Adopt Before 2021

Every year, new trends and technologies emerge that have the potential to change the way we do business. And the faster .....

Construction - 4 min read

Increased Project Complexity Demands for Construction Software

Construction activity is on the rise throughout Australia. Clients are not only demanding more structures, but they also.....

Construction - 5 min read

10 Common Contractor Mistakes: How You Can Avoid Them

Every project that you carry out will involve a certain level of risk. From safety issues to cost and estimation challen.....

Construction - 10 min read

10 Statistics Defining the Australian Construction Industry in 2019

New technologies, a rising population, and increased interest in construction activities have led to significant growth .....

Construction - 8 min read

Increased Australian Tourism Allowing for Hotel and Development Opportunities

The hotel and tourism sector comprises a significant portion of Australia's GDP. Both local and international visitors g.....

Construction - 4 min read

Construction by The Numbers: Data Drives Success

As almost every industry continues to leverage big data, the construction sector has been left behind in using numbers t.....

Construction - 9 min read

10 Simple Ways to Improve Safety on Site


Construction - 5 min read

Bio-concrete: Is This The Future Of Construction?

As the most commonly used material in construction, concrete has been relied on for decades to provide durability, stren.....

Construction - 4 min read

Construction Needs Collaboration, Here's Why?

For any construction project to be successful, you need collaboration between multiple stakeholders. Effective collabora.....

Construction - 4 min read

Bartender Roundup #1

So, a termite walks into a bar and asks "Is the Bartender here?" Bad jokes aside, we’re certainly happy Bartender is her.....

Green Building Techniques and Materials

Builders across the country are realising the importance of using green building materials and techniques. While traditi.....

Technology, Construction - 5 min read

9 New Construction Materials to Explore in 2019

Construction materials have come a long way over the years. From the use of timber and concrete to cigarette butts and c.....

Technology, Construction - 4 min read

5 Examples of Automation in Construction

Automation and robotics is the hot new trend in many different industries. Businesses are looking for ways of automating.....

Technology, Construction - 5 min read

The Latest Technology in Construction Safety

As the construction industry in Australia continues to grow, workplace safety has become a top concern. The biggest risk.....

Sustainable Construction: Techniques and Trends

In the world of construction, many trends come and go. Some fall by the wayside in a short period of time, but others gr.....

Technology, Construction - 4 min read

Construction Technology Trends Shaping Our Skylines

With urban areas of Australia experiencing significant population growth, construction activities are rising to meet dem.....

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Attracting customers to your construction business is a continuous pro...

Product Updates

Cubit Update: version 10.0.9 now available

Buildsoft has released a new update to Cubit, with version 10.0.9. See...

MudShark Update: version 8.0.13 now available

Brightbox has released a new update to MudShark, with version 8.0.13.

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