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Report: Construction Estimators in Huge Demand

Jason Hook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Feb 5, 2018 4:04:00 PM

Australian recruitment firm Hays recently released its semi-annual Jobs in Demand report, and the outlook for construction employment demand is excellent. Given the growing demand for residential construction and the government’s commitment to infrastructure projects in various states, this isn’t surprising. 

The report reveals that a number of construction disciplines are in high demand across the industry today. In this post, we’ll take a close look at some of those positions and how they reflect the positive growth of the construction industry in Australia. We’ll also look at the importance of using technology to stay on the cutting edge of your field and continue to grow your business.


Construction Estimators

The Hays report found that the highest demand for construction estimators lies in New South Wales and South Australia. In New South Wales, estimators are required for high-value commercial projects as well as residential jobs.

South Australia is currently experiencing a shortage of estimators, with a lot of these professionals having moved interstate. For estimators seeking new opportunities, these states promise a lot of potential. 

Estimators that succeed into the future will be those that invest in market-leading estimating software like Cubit, because producing accurate and timely estimates is vital to compete in the sector.


Structures Forepersons

With no slowdown in large projects in sight, forepersons will continue to be in demand, especially in New South Wales. With so many large tier two projects in the near future, skilled forepersons are much needed and in short supply.

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Contract Administrators

Contract administrators will be needed in a variety of capacities in the coming year. For instance, as the Barangaroo development in New South Wales prompts fit-outs in older office spaces, more contract administrators will be in high demand. 

Additionally, the Hays report reveals that contract administrators will be required for commercial projects in Queensland, defence projects in Darwin and Katherine, and general construction in South Australia.


Project Managers

With so many construction projects in progress all across Australia, experienced project managers remain in high demand. In New South Wales, project managers with commercial building experience are particularly needed, especially in the Hunter region. Queensland is in need of project managers with large commercial experience as well.

In the Northern Territory and Western Australia, project managers are required for defence and territory projects. And in Tasmania, project managers will find work with the civil infrastructure projects that are prioritised for 2018.



In Western Australia, quantity surveyors are currently in high demand for commercial building projects. The area has lost many construction surveyors to other areas, especially to Darwin when LNG projects are underway.

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General Conclusions

In short, the findings included in the Hays report reflect positive growth for the construction industry in Australia. With residential, commercial, and government projects underway across the country, estimators and other construction professionals are finding they have many opportunities for work. 

In fact, the construction industry in Australia is a key economic driver this year. Some places are more active than others, but overall, construction is an economic hotspot. Are you and your company prepared to take advantage of this active construction environment? Have you been updating your practices so that you stay on the cutting edge and compete well against other firms?


How Technology Plays a Role

As in any industry, keeping up with technology has many benefits, both for individuals in their careers and for businesses seeking contracts.

For individuals, technology proficiency can make you stand out from the crowd. If you have experience with the latest construction software and have incorporated it into your skill set to improve performance and efficiency, you’ll be sought after. You will have an edge over those who cling to older ways of doing business.

For businesses, technology can help you to produce more accurate estimates, faster than ever before. With estimating software like Cubit, your business will be able to increase productivity and profitability. Get a free 14-day trial today and discover a better way to do estimating and takeoff.


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