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Cubit Estimating Update: 10.1.1 now available

Buildsoft has released a new update to Cubit Estimating, with version 10.1.1. See details of the enhancements and fixes below.  Enhancements Windows and Doors Autocount By default, Autocount will be set to Manual Selection; so if you’ve selected an Item with a.....

10 Construction Industry Predictions for 2018

David Cartwright

Senior Marketing Manager - Software

Oct 16, 2017 6:14:00 AM

The future of the Australian construction industry is bright. The evolution of new technologies and innovative building methods will give rise to new trends, many of which are already impacting the market. 

Here are 10 construction industry predictions for 2018.


1. New Building Materials

Continued research and development in the construction industry will produce new materials that are safer and easier to use. Innovative building materials give more room for experimentation and allow architects to better realise their project visions.

These materials also give rise to structures with improved strength, flexibility and durability. Some of these materials include;

  • Roman Concrete that produces more durable buildings
  • Carbon-fibre balsa, which is a great replacement for wood
  • Green-mix concrete which is eco-friendly
  • Synthetic spider-silk which is extremely strong and has low density.


2. Modern Methods of Construction

‘Modern methods’ is a collective term used to describe a number of construction approaches. They reduce construction time, offer cost savings as well as promote sustainable development.

These methods are expected to continue offering several benefits like building large sections of property off-site, and assembling on-site which speeds up the building process, improves energy efficiency and reduces impact in bad weather. This modular construction method can involve 3D volumetric construction, precast flat panel systems and precast foundations.


3. Energy Efficient Buildings

The pressure to reduce energy consumption in buildings is expected to continue in years ahead. Traditional construction techniques may need to change to comply with energy efficiency requirements. An understanding of new materials and systems is also necessary. This includes the use of solar systems, LED lighting, windows with U factor and low emissivity, as well as energy efficient insulation and heating systems.

Forward-thinking building companies like Hutchinson Builders are focusing on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency as ways to deliver lasting value to their clients, as demonstrated by their green star rating.


4. Wearable Technology

Continued innovation and accessibility to wearable technology is expected in years ahead. These devices are helping workers stay safe on site, and can be worn under or on top of clothing.

Wearable technology consists of miniature electronic devices that capture data, like fatigue and temperature, and give feedback about the wearer. This includes GPS enabled vests, smart hats that provide 3D visual overlays and a 360-degree camera that gives a full view of the surroundings.


5. Drones

The use of drones in construction will increase. Drones are equipped with cameras to collect information in locations that may not be accessible by humans. Captured images are used in site assessment and inspection as well as to monitor progress on sites. 

Tender tips, marketing tips, technology for builders.

In future, more advanced cameras and lenses will be fitted to give better images as well as enhance real-time communication between drones and construction software.


6. Estimating Software

Estimating software continues to put forward-thinking construction firms at the forefront of their trade, saving them time, money and enabling pinpoint accuracy. In the years ahead, construction estimating software solutions like Cubit will become increasingly sophisticated.


7. Laser Scanning

Laser scanning increases efficiency when assessing sites. Field measurements from laser scanners capture detailed geometric information as “point cloud “ data which is a large set of points on a coordinate system. Laser scanners provide extremely accurate data and give the true picture of a project.


8. 3D Printers and Robotics

Extruded concrete, concrete composites and other materials are being used to construct entire buildings and building components. Robotic arms are being used in conjunction with 3D printers to build a variety of structures, from smaller modular builds to extensive apartment developments. Robots today place bricks, excavate, demolish and perform a wide array of other tasks. However, we can expect more scalability and agility in these technologies.


9. Big Data and Internet of Things

The internet of things (the physical network of devices connected by the internet) will play a big role in the connection of construction activities. Big data will continue to be used in assessing building performance and to monitor asset usage. IoT will continue gaining popularity with material suppliers for quality control, delivery and forecasting.


10. Improved Health and Safety

With increased innovation in the construction industry, the drive to improve health and safety will increase. Additional and more frequent training and use of new technologies will be required to satisfy the requirements of industry standards like ISO 9001 and AS4801.

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