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A Contractors Guide to Winning More Work

Jason Hook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Nov 13, 2019 10:05:00 AM

Regardless of industry, developing strong relationships is the secret to keeping customers happy while winning more work. Relationships are particularly beneficial in construction. Because many projects are capital intensive, customers tend to look for a company they can trust to get the job done on time and on budget. In fact, referrals are one of the most common ways through which contractors get more business and grow their bottom line.

Developing strong relationships isn’t just reserved for the enthusiastic and outspoken professionals. There are many different ways through which your business can stand out to customers while keeping them happy in the process. With loyal and happy customers, you’ll continue to win more work and generate revenue. Here are some essential strategies that will help contractors achieve this goal.


1. Know your niche

Different strokes apply to different folks. Some clients look for efficiency and goal-driven services, while others are more flexible and prefer agility throughout their project. You should be aware of how your core customer base operates. By understanding your clients better, you can optimise workflows to suit their preferences.

For example, a luxury home builder may focus on developing clear communication channels and interactive floor plans for their clients. This allows the builder to respond to concerns faster and keep up with the elegant taste of high-end homeowners.

Contractors should also adjust to the needs of each customer. By doing your homework and understanding expectations in advance, you can better meet client demands and strengthen relationships over time.


2. Consistency is key

Customers look for companies that they can trust to get the job done. This means they expect consistency, results, and minimal project issues. And while achieving consistency is every builder’s dream, it can be challenging to achieve from one project to another.

Consistency is all about setting and meeting goals/expectations on a regular basis. Most customers love consistent contractors because they’re more dependable and easier to work with. This means that consistency can be a path to winning more work while keeping current clients happy.

The key to consistency is performing at a specified level at all times. You need to consider budget expectations, project timelines, subcontractor performance, and risks. Construction software can help you get a head start when it comes to achieving consistent operations. By accessing a variety of digital tools in real time, you can collaborate with multiple teams, catch issues early, and adapt to customer preferences. 


3. Go the extra mile

In today’s construction sector, it’s not enough to simply get the job done. You need to go the extra mile by exceeding the baseline expectations of customers. For example, you may include free floor maintenance (for a specified period) as part of a luxury home build. You may also connect your clients to service providers that they can rely on after their project is complete.

Many contractors are collaborating with HVAC companies, insurance providers, and interior design professionals to provide a more holistic service to their customers. This strategy allows you to meet and exceed expectations as a way of winning more business (and referrals).  


4. Develop a collaborative culture among various teams

Keeping customers happy and loyal is a collaborative process. From the accountants in your office to the teams on site, every employee should be driven by a common goal. Collaboration requires a breakdown of department silos and communication barriers. This means that you should strive to share data in real time, communicate expectations, and create transparent workflows.

Every employee should also be aware of their direct role in keeping customers happy. Set clear expectations for all teams and provide the required resources to help them achieve their goals. 


5. Put your name on it

Branding is key to attracting more customers. A brand is essentially a reputation that customers trust- meaning that they’ll come back to you when in need of your construction products/services. This is why you should proudly put your name on any work that you do. Advertise your services through prior projects and encourage happy customers to refer more clients your way.

Furthermore, don’t shy away from mistakes. If a project went wrong (over budget, beyond timelines, or beneath customer expectations), make every effort to correct the error. Clients want to know how you respond to challenges and resolve disputes. If you have a history of handling difficult situations correctly, you’ll be in a better position to win more business for your company.

There are multiple ways to stand out and win more work in the construction sector. Get a head start by seamlessly integrating takeoff and estimating with Cubit. Using this specialised estimating software, you’ll have the ability to minimise errors, increase accuracy, and customise your reports. Let Cubit be the solution you choose to save you time and win more business. 


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