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David Cartwright

The benefits of cloud hosted estimating software

David Cartwright

Senior Marketing Manager - Software

Mar 27, 2024 9:26:02 AM

Construction estimating software is well known to give construction professionals worldwide huge benefits. From cost savings and operational efficiencies to greater team collaboration and profit planning, there’s a lot of value to be had by embracing the technology. 

Cloud hosted estimating software lets you take those benefits a step further, offering even more opportunity for teams and businesses to maximise their productivity, profitability, and success. Put simply, having your estimating software cloud hosted means that it is run on virtual servers in the cloud, instead of on physical servers in your office.

Here’s some of the benefits you can expect by choosing a cloud hosted solution for your work.

Accessibility and collaboration

Cloud hosted estimating solutions like Cubit Estimating Cloud enable you and your team to have shared access to common project data, whether you’re at the office, on the construction site, or working remotely. This will help ensure everyone stays on the same page and can collaborate more easily than ever before.

Simplified software management

With a cloud hosted software solution you can streamline your IT infrastructure and reduce the capital expenses and costs needed to maintain and upgrade hardware receive automatic updates. A fully managed service like Cubit Estimating Cloud takes away the hassle, while a team of experts handle all the technical details. 

Scalability and flexibility

You are more easily able to adapt and scale your operations and capabilities as your business evolves when you adopt a cloud hosted estimating solution. This gives you the flexibility to meet your business needs without wasting money on infrastructure and hardware that you don’t need.

Safe and secured data

Say goodbye to data loss fears and embrace robust security measures, like encryption, firewalls, and regular backups; together with built-in disaster recovery capabilities, these help ensure your project data is protected against unforseen events and unauthorised access. 

Solutions like Cubit Estimating Cloud give you the flexibility to work the way you want, at a scale that suits your business and helps increase the efficiency of your team. Get in touch with the Buildsoft team to discuss how you can start experiencing these benefits and more. 


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