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5 Commercial Building Trends to Watch Next Year

Jason Hook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Nov 27, 2018 4:28:59 PM

Australia’s commercial construction industry is expected to grow by 8% in 2019 alone. Because commercial buildings are such a large part of the overall economy, it’s important to remain up to speed with any emergent trends that will shape the industry moving forward. Construction trends are constantly changing, and companies in this sector need to remain at the fore so they don’t fall behind their competition. 

Here are five commercial building trends (covering both materials and methods) that you should watch out for in 2019.


1. Environmentally Sustainable Building Techniques 

From the use of environmentally friendly building materials to reducing the carbon footprint produced by each building, sustainability is expected to be a top construction concern in 2019. 

But why is sustainability key for commercial construction moving forward? First, building owners and their customers care about the environment. Structures that are designed from sustainable materials (such as renewable timber or recycled steel) resonate more with building owners and customers alike. Buildings that are more energy efficient also allow for cost savings, reduced waste and better margins over time. 

Buildings that boast a lower carbon footprint also attract more customers and more skilled workers, especially from the younger generation. Millennials are demonstrating their preference to work for organisations that share their environmental sustainability values.


2. Construction Technology to Promote Worker Safety 

The safety of workers during commercial construction continues to be a top concern. Because the construction industry experiences the highest number of workplace-related injuries and deaths in the country, the need for better safety standards will be a primary concern moving forward. 

In 2018, we witnessed the expanded use of construction technology to keep workers safer. This trend is expected to take centre stage in 2019, where innovations such as exoskeletons, site sensors and virtual reality will be used to enhance workplace safety in many commercial construction sites across the country.

A safer construction industry will not only result in fewer accidents, but it will also reduce the costs associated with injuries and death of workers.


3. The Growth of Modular Construction

In the past few years, modular construction techniques have continued to grow, especially in the residential construction sector. Advancements in modular design have given rise to more affordable structures that use better construction materials and take a shorter time to complete.

In 2019, modular construction is expected to expand into commercial buildings. This will involve using building materials that are easier to install, durable components that can withstand harsh weather conditions, and use of 3D imaging techniques that allow builders to accurately map out the construction site. 

The use of modular construction techniques in commercial buildings comes with many benefits. Construction companies will be able to plan for better material use, reduce environmental degradation, and design structures that are customised to meet the needs of their customers.


4. Innovative Building Materials for Durability and Comfort

In addition to the commercial construction methods expected in 2019, an evolution of building materials is also expected in the upcoming year. Research and development in building design have led to the use of more convenient, resilient and cost-effective materials for the construction site. In 2019, you can expect to see the following materials taking centre stage in commercial buildings.

Self-healing Concrete

To solve the issue of cracks in concrete becoming larger over time, commercial construction companies will expand their use of self-healing concrete. This material uses living spores that allow concrete structures to mend themselves after a crack occurs. This technology also adds to the durability of modern commercial buildings.

Air-cleaning Bricks

As indoor air quality in commercial buildings continues to be a primary concern, you can expect to see more air cleaning bricks being installed. These bricks are capable of filtering heavy particles from the air before they enter a building.


5. Multi-purpose Building Construction 

With the rise of e-commerce in many different industries, commercial builders may feel as if e-commerce growth will slow down construction activity, especially in the retail sector. However, the ease with which people are purchasing products online has led to an increased demand for multi-purpose building construction.

In 2019, you can expect to see commercial buildings being constructed to act as storage facilities, customer-support centres and distribution centres for fulfilling customer orders. In fact, many e-commerce giants such as Amazon are building/purchasing more physical locations to support their online activity. 

Buildings that are designed to support online transactions tend to be more multi-purpose in nature. This means that the same structure will be used for storing goods, solving customer concerns and providing interactive services such as fitness and health. As a result, construction companies will be faced with the challenge of incorporating a multi-purpose building design that provides durability-and-use value for their clients. 

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