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David Cartwright

Buildsoft is excited to share that Cubit Estimating, the specialised software that helps make estimating easier and less time-consuming, has recently been enhanced to allow for Multi-User Collaboration. 



For access to all Multi-User Collaboration features, users must have access to a networked version of Cubit Estimating Enterprise edition (formerly known as Cubit Estimating Professional + BIM). 

These new features equip users to work on the same Job simultaneously, allowing teams to more quickly complete estimates and share information from multiple users and areas of expertise. 

Several new features work together to enable Multi-User Collaboration: 


Job Collaboration

You can now allow multiple users to contribute to any Job, by opening it with Shared Job Access. Each user can provide their own edits while viewing what other users have added, allowing for true collaboration. 

If you want to work on a Trade within a shared Job, it requires a Trade Lock. With ease-of-use in mind, select that Trade, or any Heading or Item within it, and then any of the following four methods will work: 

  • Click the Trade Lock button in the Estimate toolbar 
  • Click in the Trade Lock column of the Item Sheet 
  • Press the shortcut key (Ctrl + L) 
  • Select Lock Trade from the context menu 

You can also lock multiple trades simultaneously to keep work moving quickly. 

When users want to complete actions that affect the entire Job, such as modifying variation codes or configuring options, they can place a temporary Job-wide lock. 

Improved User Identification
When another user has locked a Trade, you can see this information both as a tooltip and in a new, Locked by column. 

In the Job Manager, you will now see your name on any Trades or Jobs you have locked. You also can now easily use the Job Manager to edit your name, email, or password. 

To facilitate this new, collaborative workflow, you can now refresh a Job you have opened as read-only or when viewing a Job in Shared Access, so that you can see any newly made changes without needing to close and reopen the Job.  

With this feature, the Last Update Status Bar at the bottom of a Job will reflect when it was last updated, which shows a warning icon after 15 minutes, allowing you to refresh your Job with just one click.


User Experience Improvements 

In addition to the multi-user feature, the software has received several quality-of-life improvements throughout. These enhancements all help you to work more intuitively, quickly, and effectively for an overall improved experience. 

Exclude Sales Tax 
Enhancing your ability to work the way you want, you can now exclude specific items when calculating your Sales Tax. You can add this customisation by adding a newly available column labelled Exclude from Tax in your Item or Rate Sheet to quickly exclude a row by simply checking a box. 

Enhanced User Experience 
The overall user experience in Cubit Estimating has been modernised and improved so you can work more intuitively - with better feature grouping, labelling, and organisation. 

  • New icons: Every icon has been redesigned to look even better for all customers, especially those using 4K or higher screen resolutions.  
    The new vector icons are also enhanced by an improved ribbon, which has been updated so that features can be found more easily from the appropriate tabs. Icons are also more consistent, making it more obvious which features they represent, whether you’re in a Job, Price List, or the Job Manager. 
  • Dark mode: Developed from the ground up, the brand-new Dark Mode utilises completely rebuilt icons. You can easily toggle between options to keep working effectively and easily, no matter what view mode you prefer. 
  • Improved settings: You can configure Cubit Estimating from the new and improved Settings, previously called Options, using a new interface tab that collects the options for how you interact with and configure Cubit Estimating. Additionally, the different settings are grouped into better and more obvious tabs. 

Improved Imperial Display and Input 
Additional support was added to enable better working with Imperial measurements. You can now both input and display your lengths using Feet Inch Sixths and Feet Inch Fractions. 

Price List Improvements 
A new toolbar has been introduced for Price Lists, replicating the estimate toolbar to offer an easier way to create and build up your Price Lists. You can use the tools to create and add a Trade, Heading, or Item, and you can also use the same shortcut keys you use inside your Job, including Control + T for a Trade and Control + I for an Item.  

Improvements were also made to the way references are maintained between a Job and a Price List, so when sharing either, the references won’t be lost. This feature offers improved collaboration abilities and removes the worry about breaking a reference link when Jobs and Price Lists are shared, providing greater peace of mind. 

New Localisation 
Continuing our efforts to better support and enable more global projects, new features have been introduced to allow you to set your country when installing Cubit Estimating for the first time. This feature avoids going into your settings to adjust your location later. If you’re an existing user, you can easily go into Settings to set your country. 


Windows 11 Support

In addition to new features, the latest Cubit Estimating works with Windows 11.  


Keeping Up to Date

For a full list of enhancements and changes in Cubit Estimating, you can download our release notes below. 

It’s always important to keep your software up to date. Having the latest version of Cubit will ensure you’re operating with the latest features, improvements, and fixes. To take advantage of the new additions and fixes, you should be operating Cubit Estimating version or higher. If you have any questions or concerns with operating this version of Cubit Estimating, please get in contact with us and let us know. 

If you’re not yet using Cubit Estimating and would like to find out more about how it can help you improve your processes and achieve your business goals, get in touch with us today to organise a free demonstration, or start your free 14-day trial. 


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