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Cubit Estimating Release: Delivering a range of improvements to enhance your work

Following the release of our highly anticipated collaboration features, we’ve been working hard to deliver further improvements to the way you use Cubit Estimating to collaborate on your jobs. Our latest release - Cubit Estimating 2022.1 delivers you a better .....

Focusing on speed and efficiency, Cubit 7.2 brings you a variety of enhancements to the features and performance of our software.

We’ve listened to the great feedback you’ve given us, and have used it to shape Cubit into an even more effective solution that’s faster, easier to use and more accurate than ever.

Here’s a look at what’s included.

✔ ENHANCEMENT: Excel Imports

We’ve received lots of feedback about enhancing the way data is received in Cubit when you’re importing from Excel. Cubit 7.2 refines our integration to make it a more efficient solution that saves you time and enables you to create better Price Lists and Jobs.

The ability to create a hierarchy before you import your data is a highly requested feature that you’ve been waiting for, and one we’re happy to be delivering. You can use Reference Codes from Cubit to define a hierarchy in Excel, then import your file into Cubit and your Job or Price List will be formatted using that hierarchy.  

To learn how to create hierarchies when importing from Excel, click here

We’ve also improved the way our integration works with Code Groups. If you’ve assigned Code Groups to your Cubit Job or Price List and have used them in Excel, when you import your file Cubit can now retain those Codes; eliminating the need for you to manually re-enter them.

✔ ENHANCEMENT: Performance

We’re always looking for ways to help you take your estimating even further by improving the performance of our software.

We’ve improved how Cubit works with our legacy software, Global Estimating; so when you update a Job or import a Price List from Global, you’ll be able to do it up to 12 times faster.

We’ve also improved the performance of a number of key actions within Cubit, so now you’ll be able to open a Price List up to 3 times faster; drag a shape into an estimate up to 20 times faster; and indent multiple Headings and Items up to 60 times faster.

Additional Improvements*

We’ve added a progress indicator so you can easily see Cubit’s progress when performing tasks like opening a Job, or importing a Job or Price List.

Shapes have been improved, so that when you select and drag multiple Shapes into a different Plan, they will retain their approximate space to each other.

We’ve improved our Length By Centres Result Type, so that you can round up selected quantities to deliver you more tailored results.

We’ve also created a new integration with Builder MT Workflow Management Suite (WMS). You can now import your WMS Job Lists into Cubit; where you can take off and generate quantities on an estimate and send it back to WMS.

We’ve also added a range of further improvements and fixes to the release, to help improve our software even further.

*Not available in Cubit Lite


For a full list of enhancements and fixes, the full Cubit 7 Change List is available here.

You can download the Cubit 7.2 update now: 

Cubit 7.2 - 32 bit
Cubit 7.2 - 64 bit

Cubit 7.2 - 32 bit

Cubit 7.2 - 64 bit

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Cubit Estimating Release: Delivering a range of improvements to enhance your work

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