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Cubit Estimating Release: Now supporting multiple user collaboration

Buildsoft is excited to share that Cubit Estimating, the specialised software that helps make estimating easier and less time-consuming, has recently been enhanced to allow for Multi-User Collaboration.      For access to all Multi-User Collaboration features,.....

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Cubit 10: Clearer plans with Optimised Layer Rendering

Steve Kilsby

Head of Software Development

Apr 7, 2020 3:47:05 PM

Get ready for the latest advancements in estimating. In Cubit 10 we’ve introduced a way for you to see plans more clearly in your viewport, with Optimised Layer Rendering.




In order to takeoff your quantities accurately and in as little time as possible, you need to clearly see the details on your plans. 

We’ve been undertaking ongoing work to enhance the performance of Cubit and display plans quickly and clearly. We introduced improvements to the way your plans are displayed in our version 8.2 and version 9 releases, and offered options such as rasterize text and hide layers to give you control over the visual quality of your vector plans. And we haven’t stopped there in our efforts to deliver you the best possible experience when working with your plans.

Taking our continued performance improvements further in Cubit 10, we can now offer an easy way to show your vector plans in your viewport with as much clarity as possible. Using the new ‘Flatten PDF’ button in the Plans tab, Cubit will optimise the vector plan in your viewport, and display it clearly with high fidelity.

Now you can insert your plan as vector by default, and optimise your layers if you don’t achieve the visual clarity you desire when first importing it. 



OLR Before


Image: A plan displayed in Cubit's Viewport after inserting it into a job.



OLR After

Image: The same plan as above displayed in Cubit's Viewport after applying 'Flatten PDF'.


There’s no need to re-insert a plan and raterize it. In an optimised state, your plan display will retain most of the vector data which allows you to use Cubit’s snapping tool and our Auto Select takeoff tool, making it easy to perform your takeoff, and offering significant time savings. The enhanced display also reads and represents PDF layers in the Plans pane more closely than ever to the way they are displayed in Adobe Acrobat.

You also have the flexibility to turn the Optimised Layer Rendering function off using the Flatten PDF button at any time during your takeoff, giving you a quick way to toggle back and forth as you like. 

With Optimised Layer Rendering, you can be confident in knowing that when you import a vector plan, you can perform your takeoff with the accuracy you want, in less time.


There's more under the hood

Cubit 10 has a lot more to offer. You can learn more about what's coming in Cubit 10 at our Cubit 10 blog.  


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