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5 Things to consider when evaluating estimating software

A key element of any successful construction business is accurate estimating, allowing you to anticipate all of your costs and ensure profitability. The problem is that estimating is time consuming and often labour intensive, where errors can add up and have a.....

Product updates - 4 min read

Cubit 10: The latest advancement in estimating is here.

Steve Kilsby

Head of Software Development

Mar 10, 2020 2:02:31 PM

Get ready for the latest advancement in estimating. 

Listening to customer and industry feedback, we've been working hard to innovate new and improved ways to estimate that better meet your needs and offer greater help in the work you perform every day.  

Discover what's new below, and follow the links for more detailed information on the new features. 





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Job Revisions

A new workflow that will give you greater control over the job revision process, with features that will help you to more easily and confidently keep track of changes, and see how they affect the costs of your build.  

Learn More button - JR

BIM Change Management

Building upon our successful BIM Takeoff Module, we've extended our new job revision workflow to ensure that the process of change management is easy, effective, and dependable when working with a BIM. Part of this is introducing new ways to help you manage changes with control and confidence.

Learn More button - BIM CM

Enhanced Estimate Experience

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your experience within Cubit, we've enhanced the way you interact with your estimate, by developing clear controls, as well as clear and concise formatting to deliver better structure and visibility. 

Learn More button - EEE

Optimised Layer Rendering

We've developed an easy way to optimise the layers of your vector plans in your viewport with as much clarity as possible, while maintaining most of the vector data, which allows you to use Cubit's snapping tool and Auto Select takeoff tool.

Learn More button - OLR

Job Comparison Report

To make it easier to compare the differences between two separate jobs, we've introduced a new report allowing you to see the differences to item descriptions, quantities, rates, markups, and totals.


Improved Licence Key Management

We've overhauled the way we distribute - and the way you manage - licence keys, to simplify the process and ensure you experience less downtime during an upgrade.


Updating to Cubit 10

Our customers who have current Software Assurance cover, or an active Cubit subscription, will receive access to the update via a direct email from us. 

If you would like to update to Cubit 10 but do not have current Software Assurance cover, or an active Cubit subscription, contact our Customer Success team on (02) 4626 4909.



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