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Top 5 Key Issues Impacting Sustainable Construction

Jason Hook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Jul 14, 2016 7:03:00 AM

Environmental protection should be front-of-mind on any sustainable construction site. But leaving a lighter footprint doesn’t end there - developers need to consider the entire ecosystem of the site.

Using the natural resources at hand, staying wary of the needs of your labourers and striving for positive economic growth in the community can’t be considered periphery concerns in responsible construction.

Here we explore five key issues surrounding sustainable construction:


1. Corporate Responsibility (CR)

Corporations can’t afford to shirk their environmental obligations. Stakeholder demands are changing, and corporations must meet their evolving expectations.

But how does CR relate to sustainable construction?

Quite simply, it impacts the selection of contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and designers. Everyone involved in construction is affected, and everyone involved needs to take environmental considerations seriously.


2. The Environment

Any sustainable development will look to minimising environmental impact in their immediate vicinity. This process starts at the planning stage, continues through design, construction and eventual completion. 

Water management (like drainage and conservation), waste reduction and recycling are fundamentals in creating a culture of sustainability. Developers should employ specialists who not only understand these sustainable building practices, but assess the unique needs of your site.


3. Community

Suburban construction doesn't only affect a handful of residents. It's important to consider the wider impact, both positive and negative, your development may have on the community.

Using local labourers, contractors, businesses and materials are simple ways to leave an enduring positive impact on the local community. Careful monitoring of how your materials are transported and taking proactive measures to reduce noise pollution will be appreciated by local residents, businesses and employees alike.


4. Selection of Materials

Choosing sustainable materials is critical in reducing the environmental impact of your construction.

This can involve;

  • Recycling copper slag and concrete,
  • Steel framed construction using fire-resistant steel,
  • Drywalls with plasterboards, curtain walls, glass and cladding, metal or glass parapets,
  • Switching to prefabricated 3D bathrooms with a steel frame and boards,
  • Steel lift shafts and prefabricated steel roofs.


5. Accident and Incidents

Unfortunately, on-site incidents aren’t uncommon in Australia. According to the Safe Work Australia Work-related injuries and fatalities in construction report, an average of 35 construction employees were seriously injured each day between 2001 and 2012.

However, conducting a comprehensive risk analysis can be the key to an accident-free site. Skimping on these measures won’t only send the wrong message to your labourers, but can put you at risk of malpractice.


12 tips to building eco-friendly

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