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Cubit Estimating Release: Now supporting multiple user collaboration

Buildsoft is excited to share that Cubit Estimating, the specialised software that helps make estimating easier and less time-consuming, has recently been enhanced to allow for Multi-User Collaboration.      For access to all Multi-User Collaboration features,.....

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Save Time On Site: Avoiding Project Delays

Jason Hook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Aug 30, 2016 9:32:00 AM

Nothing frustrates everybody involved in a construction project like unnecessary delays. Messy worksites, safety concerns, underperforming, unproductive and unmotivated labourers and even neighbourly disputes can all disrupt the schedule - losing you time and money.

So how can project managers prepare their construction site for productivity and minimise the chance of costly delays?

Below we outline the main sources of setbacks and offer easy methods for avoiding them.


Safety Stoppages

By law, Australian labourers have the right to stop work if they feel there is imminent risk to their health and safety on site.

While that may sound extreme, it’s not uncommon - construction worker deaths are the third most common by industry in Australia. 

Doing regular safety audits of your worksite is vital to not only preventing serious injury or death, but ensuring labourers don’t stop work due to concerns for their wellbeing. 

Fundamentals in a safety inspection include;

  • Conducting a simple walk-through to identify potential risks,
  • Marking dangerous materials,
  • Inspecting equipment, harnesses and scaffolds,
  • Checking all required protective equipment is provided and used,
  • Noting emergency procedures,
  • Ensuring necessary signage and barricades are in place.

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Messy Worksites

With multiple trades using different tools and materials, sites can quickly become a dumping ground of dust and debris. 

However, any good project manager knows how a clean construction site can function like a well-oiled machine. 

Even simple obstructions like a misplaced toolbox in the hallway can waste unnecessary time. After all, an extra five seconds spent on each trip will add up if you’re using the route all day.

Project managers should keep all trades accountable for keeping the site free of obstructions and encourage ongoing cleaning. 

Keep the site clean by;

  • Emptying thoroughfares of obstacles (e.g. halls, stairways and ladders),
  • Providing rubbish bins for small items and skips for larger debris,
  • Setting up chutes for discarding waste from higher levels,
  • Storing and sorting tools in designated places,
  • Enforcing cleanliness with trades who don’t cooperate.



Keep the Neighbours Happy

It’s 7:01 and the jackhammers start to sing - surrounding residents rarely love a construction site next door. Noise pollution, dust and traffic disruptions all come with the territory in both residential and commercial construction, but with the right planning the impact on neighbours can be minimised. 

Trades who ignore their effect on neighbouring residents or even their clients leave themselves open to disputes and delays. Ensuring your equipment is running well, avoiding work directly outside neighbouring bedroom windows, limiting the hours of use and even installing sound and dust barriers will all be appreciated.


Unproductive, Unmotivated and Underperforming Labourers

If all of your workers are functioning at 50%, the job will take twice as long as it needs to. While we don’t recommend pressuring your trades to overwork, sometimes they need extra motivation to get the job done on schedule and to a great standard.

Consider incentivising your trades with early completion bonuses, being careful not to encourage sub-standard work.

If you’re a general contractor, always be sure to prequalify your subcontractors to ensure they’re capable of completing the work required of them.


Take Advantage of Construction Software 

Streamlining your construction site with powerful technology can be the best time-saving measures you take.

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