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News, Product updates - 6 min read

Product Update: Cubit 6.1.6

Steve Kilsby

Head of Software Development

Sep 29, 2016 12:43:54 PM

Buildsoft has released an important update of Cubit on Thursday, 29 September 2016. See release notes below:

Cubit 6.1.6 Release


Custom Excel Export
We’ve improved the Custom Excel Export to work better in Jobsconfigured with Material/Labour mode and added new column options. You can now export the following columns:

  • Cost/m2
  • Labour Conversion (from a Job configured in Material / Labour mode)

Custom Report Builder
We’ve added some new features and functions to the Custom Report Builder:

  • We’ve improved the settings for reports, now by default, report fields will display multiline text.
  • Added new columns to the Custom Report Builder. These columns will be able to be added to new reports and previously created ones.

Now available in Trade Notes:

  • Item Codes
  • Variation Codes
  • Option Codes
  • Labour Conversion

Now available in Rate Nodes and Trade Item Results:

  • Item Codes

We’ve greatly improved performance for large Jobs. Totals are calculated up to fifteen times faster when entering or changing Quantities or Rates on large jobs.


  • Fixed an issue where grouping a Job by the Calculation Sheet ignored any markups applied in the Item Sheet
  • Fixed an issue where copying, Grouping or using a Template from any Job that contains DWG plans with cross referencing, would display an error message
  • Fixed the character limit for a Rate or Quantity Code from 10 back to 25
  • Fixed a rare issue where a Price List was not unlocked in a network environment after a user closed that Price List
  • Fixed an issue that was caused when replacing a Job which had Options assigned to it through Job Import, was causing an error to display
  • Fixed an issue where copying and pasting a row did not copy and paste the No. column
  • Fixed a rare issue where importing a Price List might display an error message
  • Fixed an issue where deleting multiple Plans would display an error message
  • Fixed the loading display when copying and pasting large jobs to specify what was loading
  • Fixed an error message when assigning more than 1 code group in Cubit Standard
  • Fixed a rare issue where using the Cubit Management Console on a Windows Server 2012 and clicking Configure might display an error message
  • Fixed an issue where a warning message was not shown when editing the total of an Item
  • Fixed an issue where manual totals using INCL or EXCL or NIL or NA or NOTED were not able to be entered into Jobs using Material / Labour Job Configuration
  • Fixed an issue where updating Cubit to the latest version would reset the Header or Footer to the Cubit default regardless of what previous Header or Footer was assigned
  • Fixed an issue where updating Cubit to the latest version would reset the column layout to the default regardless of what the previous column layout was
  • Fixed an issue where editing a Heading would automatically expand the Heading above it
  • Fixed an issue where using Add Rate from a Price List would exclude the Unit column
  • Fixed a rare issue when Importing a CSV file (which includes line breaks) as a Code Group would cause an error message
  • Fixed a rare issue when opening a Job with a Code Group assigned as the Account Group for a Job would display an error message
  • Fixed a rare issue where Importing a Job with Options Group attached might use a previously assigned Options Group


For a full list of enhancements and fixes, the full Cubit 6 Change List is available here.

You can download the Cubit 6.1.6 update now:

Cubit - 32 bit
Cubit - 64 bit

Cubit - 32 bit

Cubit - 64 bit
Licence Manager

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