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Cubit 6: Bringing Functionality to the Fore

Jason Hook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Mar 15, 2016 4:05:00 PM

Buildsoft is proud to bring you latest major update to our natural estimating solution – introducing the all new Cubit 6

We’ve introduced plenty of new features to help our customers estimate smarter and takeoff faster. These features would not be possible without the incredible support and feedback we receive from our customers and industry partners. Thank you!

This blog post outlines some of the major new features, with short ‘how-to’ videos for each.

To view all the new features in Cubit 6, you can access a more detailed change list here.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s new:


Unique Variations Module 



Whether they’re simple or complex, variations are part and parcel of the construction industry. So how do you minimise the disruption they cause, whilst still working efficiently?

The Variations module in Cubit 6 is unique, giving you a clear, visual representation in the viewport of any changes you’ve made. This handy feature is perfect for any builder that receives client changes after an initial estimate.

One of the highlights of this feature is it allows you to create variations within mutually exclusive containers. For example, if a customer approves a certain floor tile over two other choices within that container, the others items are automatically rejected and the estimate is automatically updated in the viewport. That’s efficient!

Also, its responsiveness is second-to-none, allowing you to validate and cross-reference changes at any time. There’s a filter button on the Data ribbon, allowing you to select what items of your estimate are displayed. 


Job Merge / Multi-user functionality 



Common theme in feedback derived from large-sized builders and firms was the requirement for multiple users to work on an estimate at the same time.

The Job Merge functionality in Cubit 6 allows you to split an estimate job into sections (e.g. trade headings) and allow different users to work on their allocation sections. Then, simply merge the sections to create a ‘master’ estimate.

Accessibility and speed aren’t compromised, providing Cubit users with a smarter and faster solution. Note: This feature is available in Cubit Pro.


Find Feature



Why spend endless amounts of time and effort scrolling through hundreds (if not more) of items in your estimate? This is an excellent and handy tool for any user, allowing you to go straight to an item in your estimate, rate sheet or calculation sheet.


Job Update Functionality



Have you just received a new pricelist from a supplier? Well, the dreaded task of updating all your open estimates with new rates just became redundant.

By setting up a source pricelist or template, all you have to do is update it when required. Any changes made to the source will apply to your estimates.

Job Update works hand-in-hand with Job Statuses and Freezing, meaning only “Open” jobs are updated and your “Completed” jobs remain the same.

If you’re currently using our legacy software, and considering upgrading to Cubit, you should definitely look at this feature!


Estimate Configurations



Now you can select a workflow that best suits how you work, whether you select “simple” mode, or the new “material / labour” mode.

The new “material / labour” mode adds additional columns to your estimate, so that every item has both a material and labour values.

We know our friends across the ditch in New Zealand will love this feature.


Job Statuses & Freeze States



Protect data, minimise errors and organise workflow… if these three items are top of mind when estimating, then this new feature will give you peace of mind.

Job Statuses and Freezing allows users to lock quantities, rates, new items, complete jobs, estimates and specific options.

This feature is perfect for medium to large-sized builders and firms who require better control.

That’s just the beginning – you can expect so much more when you invest in the newest version of our Natural Estimating software, Cubit 6. 

Our Product Specialists are on standby to provide a personalised demonstration of these new features to you. Then, we’ll hand Cubit 6 over to you for a FREE 14 Day Trial.

Happy estimating!  

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