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Producing Estimates in Cubit Estimating

Cubit Classroom Fundamentals

Course Overview:

This virtual short course follows on from Natural Estimating 101: An Introduction to Cubit Estimating to provide you with practical, hands-on guidance to producing estimates in Cubit Estimating.

This course covers the more in-depth elements from our Cubit Estimating Fundamentals Classroom Training to give you a practical understanding of how to use Cubit Estimating for your estimating.



  • You will learn effective ways to structure an estimate
  • You will be able to takeoff difficult items like curved and raking walls
  • You will effectively use factors to modify your calculations
  • You will be able to share existing takeoff to other items within your estimate
  • You will be able to amend existing takeoff by adjusting the shape and details
  • You will be able to produce standard reports and customise them using set parameters



To assist you in having the best training experience possible, we strongly recommend you watch our Cubit Estimating On-Demand Webinar.

You should have also undertaken our Natural Estimating 101: An Introduction to Cubit Estimating  course as an introduction to the basics of estimating with Cubit Estimating , so you are familiar with navigating around the software and using basic functions.



Learn more about Cubit’s features and functionality.

Reduce Time

Significantly reduce time in the learning process.


Save time from trial and error so that every estimate you complete is done efficiently.


See examples of how to utilise Cubit features, and take part in short exercises.


Learn how to contextualise real-life situations


Devoted time to learning and focusing on technique, rather than the end business goal.


Increase your productivity at work by applying the learned principles