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Run On Cubit

Efficient and accurate Plumbing Estimating and takeoff in one free-flowing, seamless process.


Estimate Smarter. Takeoff Faster.

Feature One
Work the way you think

Cubit is a specialised estimating system with flexible functionality that allows you to estimate the way you want.

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Feature 2
Create your estimates efficiently

Collect pricing information and save them as template price lists to control how your company prices jobs.

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Feature 3
Easily view and edit plan changes

Revisions to plans are overlaid on an existing plan you’ve already taken off. It allows you to edit plans as part of the revision process.

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Reclaim your time and minimise errors, with pinpoint accurate on-screen takeoffs, incorporating quantities straight into your estimate.

This seamless integration of takeoff with estimating makes Cubit an all-in-one solution,
showing you the information where you want it, when you need it.

You’ll love the way that Cubit operates intuitively, allowing you to
work the way you think, and estimate the way you want.

Set up in minutes, be estimating in hours.

Cubit is a specialised estimating system with fluid functionality which allows you to
work faster and more accurately, and makes estimating brilliantly simplified.

Natural Estimating

Natural Estimating

Measure stormwater lines direct from your plan, and utilising the Options Pane you can choose a street or easement connection. This will automatically add a curb connection to your estimate, or help you determine whether you’ll need to excavate for an easement.



Viewing and editing plans, organising jobs by cost code or material and generating reports for your clients is easy. Customise your reports to show the items you need, and personalise them to match your unique branding.


Price Lists

Plumbers love Cubit’s Price Lists tool, which allows you to collect pricing information from your suppliers and easily create templates for your estimates.Using Cubit's referencing, you can link the count of your items and reference against a Price List, to cost your job more accurately. 

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"I think that Cubit & Global Estimating are great estimating tools, easy to use and provides the user with the ability to compare many subcontractor/supplier quotes easily and effectively in a spreadsheet format. Buildsoft's phone assistance is excellent. I believe if you’re not using Buildsoft, you’re not a serious Estimator."

Michael Gleecher - Senior Estimator, Icon Co

""Put simply, Buildsoft solutions are robust and bullet-proof. It's so easy to use that anyone could pick it up and run with it. Since making the switch over 10 years ago, I haven't looked back. I would highly recommend Buildsoft to others in the construction industry."

Ross Brown - Abel & Brown Pty Ltd

"I have been involved with Buildsoft for about 30 years. I first used their product in the late 1980s. I now use Cubit together with Global and can confirm that as the product develops the user-friendly nature is retained. The support offered by Buildsoft and the technology available to produce estimates are ongoing reasons why this product will never be replaced in my estimating department!"

Peter Darling - Commercial Builder, Graystone Pty Ltd


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