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Online Training

Tailored Remote Training

What is Online Training?

Online training is available for those who want specific guidance in using Cubit Estimating. You’ll work with one of our experienced trainers over the web, with training and advice to address your unique needs. 

This training is perfect for those who like to learn at their own pace. You'll work with your Product Consultant and Trainer to determine the learning areas of your training, and learn how to perform the specific tasks you need to in the context of your business and workflows.

Online training is available in sessions of up to two hours.

The Benefits


Customise your training to your unique needs.


Gain an in-depth understanding of features that are the most pertinent to your needs.


Learn in the comfort of your own work environment.

Reduce Time

Significantly reduce time in the learning process.


Save time from trial and error so that every estimate you complete is done efficiently.


See examples of how to utilise Cubit features, and take part in short exercises.


Learn how to contextualise real-life situations


Devoted time to learning and focusing on technique, rather than the end business goal.


Opportunity to network with other industry professionals.


Increase your productivity at work by applying the learned principles directly.

The training gave me a greater understanding of the exceptional functionality of Cubit.
- Steven Pohl, 3D Design & Build Pty Ltd

Getting Started Guide-Cubit Estimating

Cubit Estimating: Getting Started Guide

We’ve designed a guide to get you estimating and taking off straight away. A great resource whether you’re beginner, or intending to use it as a go-to reference in the future.

Get Your Copy