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On-Site Training

On Premise Training

Please note: On-site training is currently unavailable. 



What is On-site Training?

On-site training is available for companies who prefer to have their staff train in the comfort of their own work environment; and who have specific requirements from training that require a tailored approach.

Instructed by an experienced trainer, this type of learning offers you maximum flexibility, allowing you to focus on the specific tasks and functions pertinent to your business and your desired job outcomes; to find the best working solutions. 

You’ll work with your Product Consultant and our Trainer to refine the learning areas of your training and address the unique requirements of your individual workplace practices, for the ultimate in tailored, custom learning. This approach also allows support in setting up and implementing your specific estimating requirements.

On-Site training also comes with one hour of post-course care, to provide you with access to additional advice and help.

The Benefits


Customise your training to your unique needs.


Gain an in-depth understanding of features that are the most pertinent to your needs.


Learn in the comfort of your own work environment.

Reduce Time

Significantly reduce time in the learning process. Get more out of Cubit now!


Save time from trial and error so that every estimate you complete is done efficiently.


See examples of how to use features.


Increase your productivity at work by applying the learned principles.


Learn how to use Cubit to perform your specific tasks.


Devoted time to learning and focusing on technique.


Increase your productivity at work by applying the learned principles directly.

The training taught me how to use this program, and allowed me to do things that I could not do before.
- Michael Fahey, Virtue Projects

Meet the Instructors

Matt Glynn

Product Trainer

Matt leads both fundamental and intermediate training across Australia. With a background in IT, Matt enjoys learning about how customers operate, so he can demonstrate the best solutions for your business within Cubit, no matter what your level of ability or experience.

Jimmy Kelly

Product Trainer

With a background in education, Jimmy leads both fundamental and intermediate training across Australia. He is passionate about helping you achieve your unique business goals, by breaking down the software and giving you a practical understanding, so you can apply what you’ve learned to your business.

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