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Cubit Classroom Training


Cubit Classroom Fundamentals

What is Cubit Fundamentals?

Cubit Fundamentals is a full-day training course for first-time users of Cubit, or for those who have never used estimating software. The course provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to understand the basics and start using Cubit to estimate with confidence.

Instructed by an experienced trainer, the course offers hands-on, practical exercises that are easy to follow and runs through some of the features and functionality of this powerful system. A computer is provided for each participant to use during the course and our small class sizes give you the opportunity for maximum interaction with your trainer.

The day is fully catered with lunch and afternoon tea provided, and regular breaks throughout the day will allow you to keep your concentration levels high. You’ll receive a workbook to help guide you through the exercises and refer back to after the course, so you can revisit everything you’ve learned. Join us and you’ll learn how to create your most accurate estimates ever. Get the most out of Cubit and see first hand just how powerful and helpful it can be for you and your business. Find out what’s covered in Fundamentals below.

The Benefits

Cubit basics

Master the basics of Cubit.

Reduce Time

Significantly reduce time in the learning process.


Save time from trial and error so that every estimate you complete is done efficiently.


See examples of how to utilise Cubit features, and take part in short exercises.


Learn how to contextualise real-life situations.


Devoted time to learning and focusing on technique, rather than the end business goal.


Opportunity to network with other industry professionals.


Increase your productivity at work by applying the learned principles.

Having used the program with minimal online training, I now have a better understanding of the program and can trust it. The time saved by doing training pays for the training many times over.
- Ken Ward, Green Construct

Meet the Instructors

Matt Glynn

Matt Glynn

Product Trainer

Matt leads both fundamental and intermediate training across Australia. With a background in IT, Matt enjoys learning about how customers operate, so he can demonstrate the best solutions for your business within Cubit, no matter what your level of ability or experience.

Jimmy Kelly

Jimmy Kelly

Product Trainer

With a background in education, Jimmy leads both fundamental and intermediate training across Australia. He is passionate about helping you achieve your unique business goals, by breaking down the software and giving you a practical understanding, so you can apply what you’ve learned to your business.

What you’ll learn

  • Job management
    Creating jobs, projects, price lists ,and templates; as well as importing and exporting data.

  • Estimating
    Creating your estimate; inserting items and headings; inserting prices; applying factors, mark up and rounding; loading and scaling plans; and managing a plan.

  • Basic takeoffs
    Using drawing tools and options; tagging multiple items; using the new task pane; and sharing items between Items.

  • Detailed takeoffs
    Using the calculation sheet; using curves and deductions; using the details pane; and inserting windows and doors.

  • Reporting and Exporting
    Creating default reports; and exporting to Microsoft Excel.



To assist you in having the best training experience possible, we strongly recommend you watch our Cubit On Demand Webinar.

You don’t need any previous experience with Cubit or any other estimating software. However, you should have some basic computer skills, including using a mouse and keyboard, as well as how to use Microsoft Windows operating system. If you’re unsure where your skill level sits, give us a call and we can chat about the basic computer skills you’ll need for the day.

A Buildsoft Resource

Cubit Getting Started Guide

We’ve designed a guide to get you estimating and taking off straight away. A great resource whether you’re beginner, or intending to use it as a go-to reference in the future.

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