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Partnership Announcement: Buildsoft Partners with AIQS


Technology Construction

9 New Construction Materials to Explore in 2019

Construction materials have come a long way over the years. From the use of timber and concrete to c.....

Technology Construction

5 Examples of Automation in Construction

Automation and robotics is the hot new trend in many different industries. Businesses are looking fo.....

Technology Business Product updates

Bartender 1.3: Enhancing your control

Here at Buildsoft, we’re always striving to deliver you innovative and better ways of working. That’.....

Technology Construction

The Latest Technology in Construction Safety

As the construction industry in Australia continues to grow, workplace safety has become a top conce.....

Technology Construction

Construction Technology Trends Shaping Our Skylines

With urban areas of Australia experiencing significant population growth, construction activities ar.....

Technology Construction

5 Positive Impacts of Construction Technology

No matter what the industry, businesses that are quick to adapt to new technologies are driving effi.....

Technology Business Product updates

Bartender 1.2 Enhancements

Following our ethic of ongoing improvement, we’re listening to your feedback, implementing new funct.....

Technology Construction

5 Technologies to Improve Site Safety and OHS

Construction job sites can be risky places to work. Not only do employees have to contend with heigh.....

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