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The next generation Subcontractor Comparison Solution


Introducing Bartender

Delivering on our commitment to bring you the most efficient and respected solutions for the construction industry, Buildsoft is excited to announce the next step in subcontractor management and cost comparison: Bartender.

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Enhancing the features you love

Bartender builds on more than 30 years experience as industry pioneers and the success of our Subcontractor Comparison Program (SCP), the powerful system that proudly became the industry standard. We’ve received wide customer feedback and we’ve listened.

Developed in Australia, Bartender will have all of the features you love from SCP, improved and enhanced to deliver you the most reliable comparison solution.


Work within one job

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receive & send data

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Improve accuracy, save time

Bartender revolutionises the way you work, with the ability to do your estimating and comparison within a single job. Create trade packages in your job and use them as the basis of your comparison, to easily review suppliers against one another.

Featuring seamless integration with your estimate, your work will be more accurate and efficient than ever before. Send data from your estimate, compare and pick suppliers, then bring the results of your comparison back into your estimate.

Whether you want to update your estimate after comparing suppliers for a single trade, or you want to wait until you’ve compared your entire job, Bartender gives you the power to receive and send data from your comparison at any stage throughout your estimating process.

Make changes and revisions anywhere in your job and easily keep them updated throughout both your estimate and your comparison; saving you time, and giving you confidence that your job is always accurate and up to date. 


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Prepare to transform your business with a reliable system that is faster, easier and better than ever



Integrated management review

Bartender enables you to easily perform a high level supplier review, with trade package overviews to compare all the submitted quotes against your final picked quotes. Risk review processes have been fully integrated into Bartender, so you can easily identify risk areas and accurately evaluate a quote. All your data is collated in a single view, making it easy to see the final results of your comparison and allowing for final decision making.



Visual comparison displays

Bartender’s dynamic visual overviews allow you to easily compare multiple suppliers at once and evaluate them against your estimate, the cheapest and average quotes and the picked suppliers.

Delivering fast data insights, Bartender gives you easy access to the detailed information you need, making sure you can always pick the right price and find the right suppliers for your jobs.



Note taking

Extensive note taking functionality allows you to track and consolidate notes from multiple users, enhancing your communication and taking your team collaboration to the next level. Add notes to a trade package and have them carried across your entire comparison, ensuring important information is easily accessible, and allowing for transparent and accountable decision making.



Multi-user functionality

Bartender’s multi-user functionality allows you to have multiple team members working at once, enabling you to get the job done faster, so you never need to miss a tender deadline again.



Multiple quotes

There’s no limit to the number of quotes you can add to your comparison, allowing you to have all information you need, where you want it, to determine the best suppliers for your job.


You can see a sneak peek of the new subcontractor comparison for Cubit below


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